Coping - hands on, part 3 


We need to talk about this a bit because it's pretty easy to get all bummed out by the constant beeping, buzzing, hissing or whatever your tinnitus sounds happen to be like. There are two different kinds of depression: "plain" depression and depression in grief. With the first one you feel down, bummed out, all alone etc. for no reason whatsoever. With the second one you feel the same way but you have a real reason for feeling so down the dumps: your tinnitus can make you feel terrible. The cool thing is that for doctors it makes little difference as the approach is the same to make you feel better or, at the very least, less bad and when it comes to this kinda thing they know a lot, a whole lot and they can help you - there's counseling and/or medications that can make a big difference.

What about the "grief" part though, how's that figure in here? Yes, we're talking grieving as in grieving the loss of someone or something. You may have seen, or read, the five stages of grief somewhere:

Denial - why me?
Anger - them stupid doctors
Bargaining - I won't forget my ear muffs anymore
Depression - what's the use anyways
Acceptance - ok already

Along the way of these five stages you get to deal with:

sadness helplessness
anger shock
guilt, self reproach yearning
anxiety numbness
loneliness relief
fatigue emancipation

OK, so again, why talk about grief? Simple: you're grieving the loss of silence and that's what makes it so hard for others to understand but hopefully now you recognize this as your road map to getting a better handle on it all.

The whole approach is to just get on with your life and you won't have the time or interest to keep dwelling on your tinnitus. The spoiled brat will have to get his kicks somewhere else because you're no longer interested in playing his game. A back door approach is what it is: no need to battle your tinnitus head on, you don't even have to ignore it because you're to busy being in charge again. Your tinnitus might still be there if you listen for it but who cares because it no longer needs to rule your life. As soon as it less of an issue for you, or simply no issue at all then who cares whether you can still hear it from time to time. Yes, you may still have some crummy days but crummy days are part of life whether you do, or do not, have tinnitus.

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