Coping - hands on, part 4 


All the hints and suggestions in this hands-on coping article might seem a little too simple for the skeptical. Hmmm, could going along with any of them cause any harm or hardship? I don't see how. Over the years I've seen the effect they have on people when they give them a serious try - just marvelous to see how those folks got back on track and started to reclaim their life.

Let me introduce a couple of terms: Absolute Truth and Relative Truth: the first one is carved in stone stuff like one plus one makes two, two feet of snow on your driveway means you gotta shovel to get the car out - no ifs or buts, that's the way it is, period. Relative Truth means true enough, no harm done if you go along with it for now at least until something better comes along.

Here's my favourite example of how these terms compare:

A very long time ago I met this really nice young lady and, woohooo, she let me take her out on a date. I took her to a nice restaurant hoping to make a good impression. Things went along well and we seemed to hit it off pretty good. At one point I looked at her and told her she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She then she...

Absolute Truth glared back at me, stood up and lunged at me, grabbing me by the hair. She slammed my face into my plate full of spaghetti sauce while screaming "you lying piece of low life, see that blonde over there at the next table, she's five times more beautiful than me!!!"
Relative Truth smiled, blushed a little and...

let me tell you folks, am I ever glad that she choose to embrace the Relative Truth way of thinking because that was about forty years ago and we're still together to this day.

You really owe it to yourself to try some of these suggestions, especially the "3 & 5 breathing" routine, you'll be real glad you did.




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