Email Guidelines

updated July 2014

Email is a wonderful thing and I always look forward to receiving them. At least, the ones sent to me by thoughtful clients and friends. Unfortunately email also gets railroaded by others who use it to send spam, scam, viruses & worms, pyramid and/or forward messages etc. I do get a lot of emails so for sanity's and security's sake I respectfully ask you to consider the following:

*** emails with unsolicited attachments are automatically shredded ***

  1. please setup your email client's options so it won't bug us to confirm delivery of your message to us 
  2. please setup your mail server so it won't bug me to first get authorizations to be allowed reply to your message
  3. please no "forwards" (jokes etc.), uninvited MP3s, pictures - they're auto shredded 
  4. call me a stick in the mud but I do not reply to emails where people do not address me by my name, introduce themselves by telling me their name and what part of the world they're from. 
  5. If you don't get a relpy within a few days maybe my reply got bounced back or got spam filtered so check your junk folder and/or try again.
  6. Meeltjes in het nederlands altijd van harte welkom.

Thanks for understanding

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