Banjo Lessons

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Sorry folks, I no longer teach





Five string banjo lessons

Tired of buying books and videos? Downloaded yet another tab that doesn't make any sense? How about some one-on-one lessons with a live teacher to help you sort out your specific problems so you can finally start putting it all together and play some banjo already

  • no pressure, learn at your own pace
  • learn how to learn on your own
  • learn proper left and right hand finger techniques
  • learn how to move from chord to chord
  • study material provided or bring your own
  • audio recording devices welcome and recommended
  • three finger, clawhammer, frailing, classic styles
  • learn to play by ear and from tab

On-Line lesson requirements:

Lesson fees:

  • $20 per half hour
  • $30 per full hour

Please Note: I have a cat, a real nosy one, and he likes to make friends. Sorry, if you're allergic to cats we cannot make lessons work.

Drop me an email so we can set up an appointment

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