How to shut up your stupid modem already

For the folks who are still using dial up modems and older operating systems these instructions will come in real handy.

PC with Windows:

1 - Click on START (bottom left)
2 - Move the cursor to SETTINGS
3 - Move the cursor to CONTROL PANEL
4 - Double click on MODEMS
5 - Click on PROPERTIES
6 - With the cursor, move the volume control slide to low or off
7 - Click OK
8 - Click CLOSE

Connect/dial as usual and if your modem listened to you the volume is now lower or off (depending on what you told it). Keep in mind, Windows often has an attitude problem with humans and disregards their instructions. If this is the case and the volume didn't go down, or off, repeat steps 1 through 5 and skip to these steps:

6A - Click on the CONNECTION tab (top of the window)
7A - Click on ADVANCED
8A - Click in the text entry box below EXTRA SETTINGS
9A - type any of these 2 character commands you fancy:
Command what it does
L0 lowest volume (note: a zero, not a letter O)
L1 lower volume
L2 medium volume
L3 high volume
M0 speaker off (again, a zero, not the letter O)
10A - Click OK
11A - Click CLOSE

All done, you are now ready to resume your game of solitaire.


Sorry, me no know not for a Mac not - maybe someone might drop me a line to let me know and I'll post it.

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