Bart Veerman 5 String Banjo Tablatures / tabs

Many of these tabs have multiple breaks and/or backup arrangements making
each of the songs a complete study of how to apply the banjo to the tunes
you will be trying to bring out. Keep in mind, playing the banjo is supposed to be
fun - my arrangements are not the one and only way of playing the tunes.
With a bit of practice you should be able to put many of these licks into your own playing
and get you going on short notice. Some of the arrangements trail off into
the "what/how else can I try" to play them to illustrate some of the
possible ways of doing things.

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Title Description Posted Midi Style

Arkansas Traveller 1 Arkansas Traveller 2

Traditional fiddle tune breaks, key of D. Two different arrangements  05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Blackberry Blossom Great jamming tune, breaks, key of G. 05/05/98 listen CL
Clawhammer Exercise 1 Doing these exersises will get your ears to discover where the do, re mi's are on your banjo. 08/2006 listen CL
Clawhammer Exercise 2 More of the same - playing around like this will let you play any melody you want before you know it and you won't have to rely on tablature. 08/2006 listen CL
Cluck Old Hen Traditional in G modal tuning, several breaks. 06/23/98 listen CL
Christmas Holiday The way it works for me, see Harry's treasures. 05/25/98 listen CL
Faded Coat of Blue Civil war song, key of G. 05/05/98 listen CL
Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine Clawhammer breaks, key of D played from regular 2D5435 tuning the way it works for my fingers. Also see Harry's Treasures for the same tune in the 2D7525 tuning. 10/05/98 listen CL
Grand Father's Clock Breaks, backups, a whole study, key of G. The midi is a pretty awesome twin-banjo arrangement if I may say so. Consider this one a diploma tune - if you can play this, then you can apply what you've learned to play any other tune and you're a banjo player. 05/05/98 listen 3F
Hamilton Rag Breaks, key of G, lots of chords, Reno-ish. 05/05/98 listen 3F

Home Sweet Home 1 Home Sweet Home 2 

What can I say, one of my all-time favourites in D. Two different arragements  05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Homestead on the Farm A complete banjo course in both three-finger and clawhammer styles: breaks & backups - if you can work your way through some of it you'll be a banjo graduate, period. A delicious duet (CL left, 3F right channel) in the key of G. 01/2006 listen 3F, CL
House Of The Rising Sun, Part 1

House Of The Rising Sun, Part 2

How many darn rolls are there anyway... and how do you use them? Plenty of excersizes here to play backup to this traditional song. The important thing is to try and analyze what's happening here as far as trying to stay reasonably close to the melody. 05/05/98 listen 3F roll excersize
John Brown's Dream A nice mellow tuning for this traditional tune, beginner & advanced arrangements. 04/2006 listen CL
John Henry, F tuning

John Henry, G tuning

Arrangements in G & F tunings. 05/05/98 listen CL
John Lover is Gone Bunch of mix-and-match breaks, key of D. Here me play it here. Mix and match picking any two A parts and any two B parts and you'll have your own version in no time. 05/05/98 listen CL
June Apple Traditional fiddle tune, bluesy arrangement in the key of D. 05/05/98 listen CL
Jumping Jacks Parlor music, all-melody solo, key of G & C. 05/05/98 listen 3F
L.A. A gorgeous tune by Shawn Brush, used with his kind permission. 01/17/01 listen CL
Liberty Traditional fiddle tune, breaks & backup. 05/05/98 listen CL
Light and Gay Polka Parlor music, great all-melody solo in 3 keys. 05/05/98 listen CL
Lone Star Rag Great swing tune, key of C. The rhythm doesn't sound too fabulous in the midi file but it'll still give you the idea of what this great tune is suppossed to sound like. 05/17/98 listen 3F
Oh Night Devine, lead and backup Simply the most beautiful Christmas melody, solo and backup in key of C. 10/02 listen 3F
Oh Susanna Camp fire favourite, 4 breaks, key of G. 05/17/98 listen CL
Old Hickory Cane A couple of breaks a la Stanley. 07/01/99 listen 3F
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Key of G, 2 breaks, roll excersize - a perfect beginner's arrangement as you already know the song, all you have to do is let your fingers find it on your banjo. 05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Red River Valley Breaks, backups, a whole study on how/where the banjo fits in. If you work your way through this one consider yourself graduated. 05/05/98 listen 3F
Red Wing This tune is played regularly on Sesame Street, a nice one to get the little ones interested in playing music. 05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Rondo Classical piece in D. 07/10/98 listen CL
Salt Creek breaks, standard jamming tune in G. 05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Sari Traditional South-African tune, great jammer. 05/05/98 listen CL
Silent Night Clawhammer and three finger arrangement, keys of C and G. 10/02 listen 3F, CL
Snider's Waltz Beautiful traditional fiddle tune, strong melody, key of D. 05/05/98 listen 3F, CL
Ste-Anne's Reel Traditional Canadian fiddle tune, breaks & backup in key of D 05/05/98 listen CL
Stony's Waltz Strong melody, simple arrangement. 05/05/98 listen CL
Turkey in the Straw Traditional fiddle tune in D. 05/05/98 listen CL
Wildwood Flower Carter Family classic, key of C. 07/10/98 listen 3F, CL
Witch of the Waves Traditional fiddle tune, strong haunting melody, key of G. 05/05/98 listen CL

It's taken me many, many hours to arrange these tunes making sure they're really playable etc.
Feedback, comments, pats on the back and/or tips greatly appreciated

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