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The following are some of the tunes by yours truly, they are listed in the order of the year I wrote them. A special thanks to Don Couchie, my old teacher, who got me going with the clawhammer style. I don't do a lot of three finger picking these days, clawhammer is not quite as loud and my ears appreciate the lower volume.

Stranger things have happened, but just in case you really like any of these tunes and you want to perform them live on jams, festivals or whatever, knock yerself out - you have my blessing and you won't be pestered by copyright sharks. Should you want to record them though, here's the deal: feel free to record any of these tunes provided that:

  • they are performed only on bluegrass, old-time or folk style venues - contact me if unsure
  • they are only recorded as bluegrass, old-time or folk style music - contact me if unsure
  • you give me the proper credit on the CD, tape or whatever medium you recorded them on
  • you produce 1,000 (one thousand), or less, copies of the CD, tape, or whatever medium
  • you do not make the tunes available for free retrieval by the general public
  • you mail me,at your expense, one (1) free copy of the CD, or whatever medium, my tunes are on autographed by any and all musicians playing on the recording

If you're famous enough that you need to produce more than 1,000 copies, hey, you're making money at it and in that case I'd be delighted to talk about licensing. If you're not famous I'm sure you agree it's pretty cool to finally be able to play/record some tunes that aren't tied up by an army of copyright lawyers and agents - live it up but don't forget to mail me my freebies so I get to enjoy what you've done with (or to...) my music.

Listen to some of my tunes here

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Original tunes Bart Veerman Date posted Midi Video Style
Hilver Waltz Key of E, the first tune I ever wrote in 1979. I hardly ever play it anymore but I do like it a lot.  02/2003 listen 3F
CBC Breakdown Key of G, written in 1980. A pretty cool tune but it needs a full band to play it as by itself it doesn't sound like much as a banjo solo.  02/2003 listen 3F
Sleepie Time Key of C, 1980. Hear me play it here. Not a hard one to learn but it sounds nice and mellow, really layed back  02/2003 listen CL
Tunnelburgh Key of C, 1980 02/2003 listen 3F
Laren Road Key of C, 1984. I love this tune, it's got a strong melody  02/2003 listen CL
Sometimes I Still Think About You Key of Cm, 1985. Hear me play it here. One of my loneliest sounding tunes, one of my friends isn't allowed to play it as it makes his wife cry.  02/2003 listen CL
Steppin' Lightly-3F
Steppin' Lightly-CL
Key of C, 1986. A nice jamming tune in the key of D  02/2003 listen 3F, CL
Snowy Skies Key of A, 1987, Hear me play it here. Nice and bouncy, a gerat solo piece although a fiddle playing along livends it up even more.  02/2003 listen watch CL
Clogs At The Door Key of F, 1988. This one sounds pretty Celtic and would be a real nice one for tenor players to tackle.  02/2003 listen CL
Clogs at the Door - TENOR A few people asked for a Tenor arangement of this tune so here it is. Probably a weird tuning, CFCD, for a tenor but that shouldn't be a problem for a musician at all 04/2012 listen TENOR
Riverdale - claw
Riverdale - 3 finger
Key of C, 1988 Hear me play it here. When I first started playing it I didn't much care for it but these days I like it a lot and it's a pretty good jamming tune. 
CL, 3F
Bunkyo Key of Dm, 1988 Hear me play it here 02/2003 listen CL
For A Friend Key of Cm, 1989 - the way I recorded it on the Banjo Addiction album, hear me play it here 02/2003 listen CL
Velo's March Key of D, named after my super-guy uncle 08/2003 listen 3F
Get That Skunk Key of D, 1989 Hear me play it here 02/2003 listen CL
By The Each Key of D, 2001 - the way I recorded it on the Banjo Addiction album, hear me play it here. 02/2003 listen watch CL
Bridges Key of Bb, 2002 - from the sound bytes on the custom bridge page. From the regular G5435 tuning (gDGBD) capo 3, 5th string not capoed. 12/2005 listen 3F
Off The Wall Reflections of a dark and sad mood in a weird tuning. Sorry, the tab & tuning are included on my CD only and for personal reasons I've never played this tune since I recorded it. 02/2005 CL
Landed 05/2005 - not yet posted but you can hear me play it on the  CL
Outta Here 07/2007 - not yet posted CL

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