Coping with Tinnitus

In 1996 I had a hard time with tinnitus. An effective way of coping - for me - was to put my feelings down on paper. Going through this excersize made me learn a few things about tinnitus, and more important, about myself. It did not cure it, but it sure made me feel a lot better. A friend read my ramblings and suggested I post them on the tinnitus newsgroup. They are "reprinted" here and it is my hope that by reading how I fared, you may just pick up a few ideas to help you feel better about it too. Oh, my tinnitus now? Yes, I still have it from time to time but it's just another sound, period. It no longer has any kind of meaning to me whatsoever. I'd prefer to be totally without it, of course. But I'd also prefer it if cucumbers didn't exist - fat chance of that and not eating them does the trick for me. Tinnitus doesn't care about me and I have absolutely no problem not caring about it.

How to cope with tinnitus:

Computer software: Audio Frequency Generator

  • A couple of bugs fixed (04/2000) - freeware for non-commerical use to determine just how high your "favourite" frequency, or frequencies, is/are. The file is only about 60K and should't take longer than about thirty seconds to download. (DOS, Windows, OS/2)
  • August 2010 - GREAT NEWS!!!   I just found out about a DOS emulator that works just great. running in Windows 10 - it's freeware and real easy to download and install. The beauty of it is that the sound now comes from the sound card instead of through the computer's built-in speaker so you can use head phones or your sound system for super audio quality. This emulator works great in Windows XP, 7 & 10 

  How to start your own tinnitus support group

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